Vikings unconcerned about Browns' QB mystery

Posted by ESPN.com’s James Walker

Earlier Monday, we wondered if the Minnesota Vikings really cared that Cleveland Browns wouldn't name a starting quarterback this week between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.

It turns out the Vikings don’t.

Here is a snippet from Minnesota coach Brad Childress’ Monday press conference:

Q: How does it impact your game planning with the Browns’ starting quarterback battle not being settled?

“It doesn’t. You just schematically look at what you’ve seen. You are going to go back and look at Jets tape and see what you’ve seen. I know, as do our guys, there are going to be unscouted looks. I mean, they certainly haven’t showed their whole hand offensively or defensively (in the preseason). But you are just going back and looking at, formation-wise, where they are putting people, and what kind of players they are. It will be more about us deploying than about what they do.”

Browns coach Eric Mangini contends the quarterback mystery will create confusion for Minnesota’s defense. Childress says it won't.

Only one coach will be correct on Sunday.