Morning take: It's draft day!

Here are the most interesting stories in the AFC North as we approach Thursday's NFL draft:

Morning take: Baltimore has it right. The Ravens are a great team, but they come up short year after year to Pittsburgh in big games. Those recent losses have been the difference in Baltimore getting out of the AFC.

Morning take: The Steelers have well-defined needs at cornerback and the offensive line. But picking at No. 31, most top players will be off the board. It's also possible Pittsburgh could trade the pick.

Morning take: Cincinnati doesn't trade much in the first round. The last time was in 2004. But the Bengals would be wise to keep their options open in case an offer comes along that they shouldn't refuse.

Morning take: This draft may go down as the most important of the Holmgren-Tom Heckert regime. They don't plan for the Browns to be at the top of the draft every year. So they must hit on this sixth pick.