Poll: Rashard Mendenhall's popularity

We have another interesting poll question this week in the AFC North blog.

Following a series of controversial tweets on the death of Osama bin Laden, has Pittsburgh Steelers tailback Rashard Mendenhall hurt his popularity?

Mendenhall, who led Pittsburgh in rushing last season, caused a national firestorm with his recent opinions. The Steelers have since released a statement on the matter, and Mendenhall even deleted one of his tweets questioning if there was a conspiracy regarding the events of 9/11.

Should controversial views on society impact whether fans support Mendenhall? Or should people overlook that with athletes and keep their rooting interest strictly on football, which is what Mendenhall is paid to do?

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on whether Mendenhall hurt his popularity with NFL fans and Steeler Nation. You can also share your thoughts in the comments section below.