Taking a break

Since "Dancing with the Stars" is officially over, it's time for me to take an extended vacation. (OK, that was a joke.)

But I am taking a brief hiatus for Memorial Day weekend and will be out until Tuesday, May 31. This time there will be no Cam Newton-to-Bengals threats. It's almost summer and everyone received good grades during the school year. So go crazy if you want at the expense of my buddy "ESPN.com staff."

Before I leave, I do want to present our latest "Homer of the Week" in the AFC North. Enjoy.

Mike from Ashtabula, Ohio, writes: James, I read your post weekly and I'm sure you are wrong on the Browns. Here's how I see the AFC North if there is free agency and football this year. The Steelers always have a bad year after Super Bowls. So I see them finishing 8-8 or worse. The Ravens are getting old and Joe Flacco is going to have head problems after last year's playoff performances. So I see them at 7-9. The Bengals are another story, 5-11 or maybe 6-10. They have a rookie QB and a rookie receiver. It takes time to grow together. So I see the Browns winning the division with Colt McCoy, Peyton Hillis and some new, key additions. Just looking at this realistically and not being bias like you.

See you next week.