Morning take: Where does Ray Rice rank?

Now I'm back from my brief vacation, here are the most interesting stories Tuesday in the AFC North:

  • Baltimore Ravens tailback Ray Rice was ranked No. 56 in the NFL.com's top 100.

Morning take: This feels low, but it’s difficult to say for sure until the other 55 players above Rice are revealed. Rice is one of the most dynamic and versatile running backs in the NFL.

Morning take: It's an interesting approach for an older team that has it together. Pittsburgh (along with Green Bay) had the longest season in 2010 and hopes the extra off period helps.

  • Cincinnati Bengals kicker and former Ohio State Buckeye Mike Nugent shares his thoughts on Jim Tressel's resignation.

Morning take: Nugent arrived at Ohio State the same year as Tressel in 2001. Nugent turned out to be the most reliable kicker during Tressel's tenure.

Morning take: The Browns aren't thinking that way. In their minds, they acquired more picks with the intention of getting good players in lower draft slots. It comes down to the confidence of the front office to get the job done.