Taking another break

After months of covering "Dancing With The Stars," bull riding and the new offseason game of "Everyone bash Joe Flacco," it's time to take an extended vacation this summer. This time I will not return until Tuesday, July 5.

Our resident scout -- Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. -- also will provide in-depth stories that will be must-reads. Hopefully the NFL lockout will be nearing its completion by the time I return.

But before I leave, let's present our AFC North "Homer of the Week."

  • Bob Francis from Washington, D.C., writes: I know you're tired of Steelers fans even mentioning Nnamdi Asomugha, but hear me out. I know the Steelers are not big players in free agency and don't overpay. However, if they're going to have to put down $10 million/year to keep Taylor anyway, why not up the ante and go for Asomugha? They need a veteran corner. Also, would Asomugha take a slight discount to play for a great defense on a team that's been to three of the last six Super Bowls? He's been paid -- now he wants to win. And after nearly winning the SB last year, the Steelers have to feel they're close again, and as you've consistently said, they need corner help, especially against the NEs and GBs of the world. Imagine that solid defense with a true all-world corner!

Keep dreaming, Bob. See everyone soon.