Will Steelers, Bengals cancel camp sites?

The Baltimore Ravens were the first AFC North team to drop out the race. Due to labor uncertainty, the Ravens pulled the plug on holding their annual training camp in Westminster, Md.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals next?

Each day that goes by without a new collective bargaining agreement, Latrobe, Pa., and Georgetown, Ky., get closer and closer to missing NFL football this summer. Both small towns look forward to the Steelers and Bengals bringing excitement and business every year.

But with camps scheduled to start at the end of the month, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati may have a tough decision to make. Holding training camp away from the practice facility can be a logistical nightmare if time is an issue. The Ravens backed out primarily because they didn't feel they could properly plan and ship all the equipment to Westminster in a short period of time.

With a new CBA still uncertain, a reduced training camp also could factor in the decision. If camps and preseason games are sliced in half, for example, it's probably not worth it for teams to train away from its facilities this year.

These next two weeks are huge for labor negotiations. If there's not enough progress after that point, expect teams like the Steelers and Bengals to start backing out of their training camp commitments.