Has Carson Palmer's value decreased?

Two months ago the AFC North blog examined the trade value of Carson Palmer, who threatened to retire and says he will never play another down for the Cincinnati Bengals. With several teams still desperate for quarterbacks post-draft, we determined the value was still good enough for Cincinnati to make a move.

But two months later, there is a reasonable chance Palmer's value might have decreased. Teams will have very little time to work out any blockbuster trades once a new collective bargaining agreement is reached. Free agency will take the priority, as well as signing hundreds of draft picks around the league and rookie free agents.

It's possible Palmer's value no longer matters at this point. The Bengals remain steadfast in saying they have no plans to trade their franchise quarterback. But if Cincinnati does have a change of heart this summer, it would be in the team's best interest to let it be known ASAP.

Otherwise, quarterback-needy teams will move fast to fill those positions and no one will be left knocking at Cincinnati's door.