AFC North celebrity lookalikes

Posted by ESPN.com’s James Walker

We're going to try something a little different on this Monday afternoon in the AFC North blog.

Let's take a look at some celebrity lookalikes within the division:



Charlie Batch and John Legend

Analysis: The Pittsburgh Steelers’ backup quarterback and famous singer are both smooth operators in their fields. They also grew up in the Midwest region. Batch is a Pittsburgh-area native and Legend was born and raised in Ohio. In terms of looks, they have many similarities. But there is a significant height difference between the two.

Lookalike grade: A-

Coolness factor: A



Steve Hauschka and Kevin Connolly

Analysis: The kicker for the Baltimore Ravens and Entourage star both have baby faces. There’s also a lot of pressure in their careers as Connolly deals with "Ari" on a daily basis, while Hauschka kicks field goals for Ravens coach and former special teams guru John Harbaugh.

Lookalike grade: B

Coolness factor: B



Kaluka Maiava and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson

Analysis: Ok, we took a shortcut on this one. Maiava is actually the nephew of "The Rock." Still, the family resemblance is apparent between the rookie linebacker of the Cleveland Browns and the actor and former pro wrestler. Can you smeeeeeel what Kaluka is cooking?

Lookalike grade: A

Coolness factor: A



James Walker and Nick Cannon

Analysis: I’m told this sometimes when I’m out and about, and at first I thought it was odd. But as time went on I eventually noticed some similarities to the actor and entertainer. Nick Cannon is married to singer Mariah Carey, though. So despite comparisons I’m obviously not in his league.

Lookalike grade: B

Coolness factor: I don't want to be biased. So you decide.