Bulluck ready to take on 'Oucho Cinco'

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE -- Keith Bulluck doesn't mind stirring the pot, and he grabbed a big spoon Monday as the Titans began to turn their attention to Sunday's trip to Cincinnati.

Asked his feelings on Chad Johnson changing his name to Chad Ocho Cinco, the Titans linebacker put his own touch on the name.

"Oucho? I like Oucho," Bulluck said to laughter at the Titans' press conference. "Oucho Cinco. That's great. He's Oucho right now, I saw him with that shoulder brace on the sideline looking real dejected yesterday. Baltimore took it to those guys. We'll just see how that shoulder is. Tell him to get his shoulder right. Oucho Cinco."

Last year Tennessee was on the wrong side of a 35-6 score in Cincinnati. Johnson followed up a TD catch by jumping on a TV camera platform and taking over the controls.

"He's going to be on camera all day Sunday," Bulluck said. "With his shoulder I don't expect him to run too many shallow crosses. I'm putting it out there for him to bite it and I know he will. We're definitely ready just for the simple fact we kind of got embarrassed last year up there. It helped them forget they weren't having a great season."