Vick, Bengals would not have worked

Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback Michael Vick had some interesting comments about the Cincinnati Bengals in September's edition of GQ Magazine. Vick said he initially believed that the Bengals and Buffalo Bills were better options than the Eagles.

Vick could not have been more wrong.

Cincinnati was not the place if Vick was seeking instant playing time. In 2009, the Bengals had $100-million quarterback Carson Palmer in the fold. Barring injury, Vick would have had no chance to compete or supplant Palmer in the starting lineup. Vick eventually took the job in Philadelphia from Kevin Kolb, who was a much easier target.

Second, the Eagles' foundation on offense is much stronger. Philadelphia's explosive West Coast offense compared with Cincinnati's system under former offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski isn't close. Vick found the right system to learn and perfect. Philadelphia, in turn, tailored the offense to fit his strengths. Cincinnati's old offense under Bratkowski didn't have the same flexibility and creativity for Vick's unique talents.

Finally, the stability of the organization counts for something. From ownership, down to coaching and the players, Vick walked into a much better situation in Philadelphia. Vick is now leading a Super Bowl contender just two years after being released from prison. Meanwhile, Cincinnati is hitting the reset button once again and is considered one of the NFL's worst teams.