Grading Ravens OT Jah Reid

Baltimore Ravens 2011 third-round pick Jah Reid made his first NFL start last week against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Ravens are hoping the rookie can be the answer at right tackle.

The AFC North blog studied film of Reid's first half with the starting offense. Points were awarded or deducted on a three-point scale for each play.

Here is what we found:

Ravens' first series

  • Baltimore lines up in the I-formation. The Ravens call a power run play behind the left guard and left tackle. Reid is away from the play but makes a decent block against Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson. (+1 point)

  • Quick throw to Anquan Boldin results in a gain of three yards. Reid makes good contact again with Jackson but only had to pass protect for a second. (+1 point)

  • Chiefs bring the blitz on third down. Reid correctly picks up the outside linebacker and quarterback Joe Flacco connects with receiver Lee Evans on a slant for the first down. (+2 points)

  • Ravens run another power running play, this time on the right side. Reid holds his block pretty well against Jackson. But the play doesn't go anywhere. (+1 point)

  • On second down, Flacco drops back and the pocket collapses quickly. Reid gets beat by Jackson but Flacco escapes and finds tailback Ray Rice for a first down. Good play but poor blocking. (-2 points)

  • Baltimore gives the ball back to Rice up the middle. Reid holds his block against Jackson until the end of the run. Good base and leg drive by Reid. (+1 point)

  • Ravens set up the deep pass with a nice play-action fake. Reid helps sell the play, but Flacco overthrows Boldin. (+1 point)

  • Chiefs bring a safety blitz that Reid misses. The safety runs by Reid but Flacco quickly finds Boldin in open space for 24 yards. (-1 point)

  • In the shotgun, Kansas City brings three rushers. Reid combines with right guard Oniel Cousins to block Jackson on an incomplete pass. (+1 point)

  • Reid gets help and double-teams Jackson again during an incomplete pass. (+1 point)

  • Reid holds his block on an incomplete pass on third down. Ravens kick field goal. Pretty good first drive for Reid. (+1 point)

Grade for drive: +7 points

Ravens' second series

  • The Ravens run tailback Ricky Williams behind Reid for three yards. Reid gets his first pancake block on Jackson. (+3 points)

  • Baltimore runs Williams again on the right side but Reid whiffs on his block. (-2 points)

  • In the shotgun, the Ravens run Williams for the third straight time. This time the play goes left for a short gain and Reid fails to keep his feet. (-2 points)

Grade for drive: -1 point

Ravens' third series

  • Reid continues to have his way with Jackson in the running game. He blocks Jackson well on the back side for a solid gain by Rice. (+2 points)

  • Flacco throws a quick pass over the middle to tight end Ed Dickson. Reid holds his ground against Jackson. End of the first quarter. (+1 point)

  • Reid gets off the line well and blocks Jackson on a running play to the left. I'm impressed with Reid’s strength. (+1 point)

  • Reid holds his block again on the backside during a Rice run for a first down. (+1 point)

  • Chiefs bring the outside linebacker and Reid doesn't get to the spot quick enough. The defender barely misses the sack. Flacco rushes and throws an incomplete pass. (-2 points)

  • Reid holds his block against Jackson well but pass protection eventually breaks down. Flacco throws the ball incomplete. (+1 point)

  • Reid does his assignment on another incomplete pass on third down. (+1 point)

Grade for drive: +5 points

Ravens' fourth series

  • Reid helps sell another good play-action fake. But the pass is incomplete. (+1 point)

  • Kansas City brings the outside linebacker again and Reid misses his assignment. Flacco still completes a short pass. (-2 points)

  • Flacco connects with Evans for a first down. Reid does a good job holding off the edge rusher on third down. (+1 point)

  • Reid gets beat on a swim move by Jackson, who pressures Flacco to get rid of the ball for a short gain. (-2 points)

  • Kansas City linebacker Jovan Belcher blitzes and beats Reid. Williams helps Reid with a chip block before another incompletion. (-2 points)

  • Chiefs bring the house on third down. Reid seems confused on which defender to pick up and Flacco gets hit. Blitz recognition is not Reid's strong suit. (-3 points)

Grade for drive: -7 points

Ravens' fifth series

  • Reid blocks well on a running play up the middle for Rice. (+1 point)

  • After a few missed assignments the previous drive, Reid gets help from fullback Vonta Leach, who chip-blocks a defender on an incomplete pass. (+1 point)

  • Reid holds his ground on a nice, 43-yard pass from Flacco to Evans. (+2 points)

  • Reid correctly picks up the inside guy on a blitz. Flacco connects with tight end Dennis Pitta. (+2 points)

  • Ravens are going heavy on the pass. Reid stands up his man during a pass to Leach, who bulls over a defender and loses his helmet. (+1 point)

  • On Baltimore's best running play of the game, Rice gets the ball up the middle, cuts right and runs for a 26-yard touchdown. Reid does a great job on the back side to seal his block and allow Rice to change directions. (+3 points)

Grade for drive: +10 points

Reid's first-half grade: +14 points

AFC North blog analysis: I was encouraged by Reid's potential. He helped his standing with last week's performance. Reid has a strong base and positions himself well in the running game. He's still raw in pass protection. Reid doesn't have quick feet and struggles with blitz recognition. But he should pick up blitzes better with experience. It remains to be seen if Reid will be ready for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1. But Reid already appears to be a better option than Cousins at right tackle.