AFC North Homer of the Week

Various preseason games and traveling to training camps prevented me from putting together a recent mailbag. Therefore, we never posted our latest "Homer of the Week."

This week's award goes to a Cleveland Browns fan.

  • Cory Hart from Shelby, Ohio, writes: After watching the first two preseason games I'm going to make a prediction: The Browns will go 10-6 this season and be the sixth seed in the playoffs. They will then beat the New England Patriots in the first round but will ultimately lose to the Houston Texans, who will go to the Super Bowl but will lose to the Atlanta Falcons. Colt McCoy will throw for 3,800 yards and 28 TDs with 9 INTs and Peyton Hillis will rush for 1,500 yards with 13 TDs and catch for 700 yards with 7 TDs. That is how I see this year for my team.

Walker: Wow, Cory. I don't know if I'm more shocked you think the Browns will beat the Patriots in the playoffs or the Houston Texans are going to the Super Bowl. And McCoy and Hillis should be first-round picks in fantasy drafts with these projections. Be careful not to overrate the preseason, Cory. Congrats on being our "Homer of the Week."