AFC North: Revisiting the Bengals' 2005 draft

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

This is the first of a three-day series examining drafts for each AFC North team over the past three years. Grades are based on performance, where players were picked (too high, too low) and whether they remain with their original team.

Here is a look at the Bengals' 2005 draft:

Analysis: This was easily the worst draft within the AFC North in recent memory. On paper, the Bengals thought they were getting tremendous value and talent for their first-day picks. But most teams were scared off by character concerns with second-rounder Odell Thurman and third-rounder Chris Henry. Cincinnati took the bait and was burned in both cases as multiple arrests and suspensions followed, and neither player stuck with the team. First-round pick David Pollack never got his career off the ground when he suffered a broken neck in his second season. Center Eric Ghiaciuc is the only player in this draft currently making an impact, and it's marginal as the starting center.

Grade: F

Next is a look at the Cleveland Browns.