Thoughts on Kevin Colbert, GM title

The Pittsburgh Steelers recently promoted Kevin Colbert to general manager. He was formerly the team's director of football operations.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • This is mostly a title switch. Colbert is the team's first general manager by label. So that part is new. But Colbert had GM responsibilities since joining the team in 2000. Colbert picks the players. He goes after free agents. He makes roster cuts. If there is any difference this year, it will be minimal.

  • This may have been another perk after last year's Super Bowl appearance. Colbert signed a five-year extension in 2010 and is a major cog in Pittsburgh's three Super Bowl appearances since the 2005 season. Colbert didn't have the title after last year's contract but it was added this season.

  • The Steelers didn't make it a big deal. There was no announcement. The change is only mentioned in the team's 2011 media guide. The team's attitude is "There's nothing to see here." And I agree.