What does Palmer, Bengals meeting mean?

ESPN's Bob Holtzman reports the Cincinnati Bengals met with franchise quarterback Carson Palmer in July before training camp. Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer also reports the Bengals reached out to Palmer's representation last week.

What does all this mean? Not much for the time being.

I'm hearing that nothing has changed with Palmer. He wants to play football but doesn't want to do it for the Bengals. ESPN's Adam Schefter is hearing the same, as he stated in the video.

The meeting likely presented two separate agendas. For the Bengals, it was to gauge Palmer's interest in returning before the start of the season. And for Palmer, it was to see if Cincinnati would soften its no-trade stance. It appears nothing was resolved on either front.

It's good that both sides have talked. But barring an unexpected change of heart from either side, I would be surprised if there is a resolution anytime soon.