Steelers searching for first turnover

Perhaps the most surprising statistic surrounding the Steelers defense is the lack of turnovers. Pittsburgh has yet to record an interception or force a fumble in the first two weeks of the season.

Safety Troy Polamalu should have had an interception (and likely a touchdown) if he hadn't dropped a Tarvaris Jackson pass last Sunday. That leaves the Steelers and the Seahawks as the only teams in the NFL not to create a turnover this season.

One reason why Pittsburgh hasn't taken the ball away is its inconsistent pass pressure. The Steelers need to force more mistakes by getting more hits on quarterbacks.

The Steelers don't seem too concerned about having no turnovers at this point.

"We've only played two games," Pittsburgh defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau said. "Turnovers are like sacks. If you get good, constant pressure, the sacks will come. If you're in good position, seeing what you're supposed to be seeing, you're going to get interceptions, (and) we're going to get our share of fumble recoveries."

Last season, the Steelers were second in the AFC with 35 takeaways (21 interceptions and 14 fumbles).