Prediction time: Week 5

Yes, it’s that time again on Thursday when I’m asking for your predictions.

Starting now, post your predicted scores for each of the following game involving an AFC North team (remember Browns and Ravens are on byes):

Hopefully, you’ll remember the drill. I will put my predictions up against one of our blog readers.

How will I select the reader? At the top of your post, put the total points scored in the Titans-Steelers game, which happens to be the one I will be covering Sunday. The first reader to match my total for that game will have his or her scores posted with mine on the Friday blog.

To recap last week, I went a humiliating 1-3 on my predictions while our reader (SpradlinTheRavensFan) went 2-2. So, overall, I have a 4-4 record and the readers are 4-4. Hey, it's kind of like the AFC North where nearly everyone has an even record.

Jamison vs. SpradlinTheRavensFan

Now, let the predictions for Week 5 begin …