AFC North's take on coaching scuffle

Before the post-game altercation between the Lions' Jim Schwartz and the 49ers' Jim Harbaugh on Sunday, both were members of the Ravens' organization in 1998. Harbaugh was the starting quarterback, and Schwartz was a defensive assistant.

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, who was the defensive coordinator for that Ravens team, has seen Harbaugh and Schwartz go head-to-head before -- on the basketball court.

"Jimmy [Schwartz] and Jim [Harbaugh], I’m sure both wish things would have been different and it that it didn’t have to become such a big thing," Lewis said at Monday's news conference. "But really, there’s not much to it. I'm sure both guys wish they'd have handled it a little bit better. I've been on the basketball court with both of them. They're very competitive. Schwartzie and I would be playing against Harbaugh all the time, when we'd play lunchtime basketball and Jimmy was playing for us. Two competitive guys.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh has spoken to his brother about the handshake. "Whoever was right or wrong," John Harbaugh said at Monday's news conference, "I know whose side I'm on."

John Harbaugh added, "He’s 5-1. If the biggest lesson he has now is how to shake hands postgame after a victory, he’s doing OK.”

Marvin Lewis was asked if he was surprised by the way Schwartz acted. "I think both guys wished things would have been different," Lewis said. "I don't need to editorialize on what already occurred.”