Is Mike Wallace better than Calvin Johnson?

Who is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now: the Detroit Lions' Calvin Johnson or the Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Wallace?

Johnson can out-jump nearly every defender and pull down the pass with his strong hands. Wallace can outrun nearly every defender and turn short slants into big gains.

While many would call Johnson the best because of his torrid touchdown pace, ESPN Insider KC JoynerInsider sides with Wallace, calling him "the heavyweight champion of NFL receivers."

Here's an excerpt from the piece:

It's one thing to simply subscribe to the numbers and players must also pass the eye test, but these totals show Wallace as superior thus far in short, medium, bomb, vertical, stretch vertical, yards after catch and overall YPA categories. If he's not dominant in one, he's consistently better in all.

Not only that, Wallace has 82 more total yards than Johnson despite having 12 fewer targets.

So is the best wide receiver Wallace? Johnson? Or someone else?