Where's the love?

Posted by ESPN.com’s James Walker

As we mentioned last week, there are a lot of comments and trash talk that takes place in our division inbox everyday that never sees the light of day.

So in an effort not to let thoughts from our community go to waste, the AFC North blog created a new feature called “Where’s the love?” It will highlight the best thoughts and comments from our inbox this week.

Here is our latest installment:

Pete from Cleveland, Ohio writes: So as the Cleveland Browns have more or less sealed their position as the worst team in the NFL, where do we go from here? The often repeated mantra in Cleveland of, "There is always next year" is starting to get very old as next year almost always looks like the last.

Brandon from Philadelphia, PA writes: I don't remember who said it, but I'm pretty sure there was a Browns fan talking about how you give the Bengals too much credit and the Brown were going to destroy Denver and prove they're the better team. How about now?

Shawn from Cincinnati writes: I live in Cincinnati but I am a huge Browns fan. What I would like to know is what does it take for the Browns to see that the 3-4 defense is not and has not worked for us. They have been at the bottom of just about every statistical category on defense since they started it. If they are planning on sticking with it, we will be rebuilding for years because we’re terrible at it.

Tony Childress from Greeneville, TN writes: Mr. James Walker, I don’t believe I am the only one here that is so tired of sports writers who keep on the Carson Palmer for President bandwagon. It seems that you all think he is the next Payton, Elway, Marino etc. He hasn’t won a Superbowl and in the big games he chokes. So explain to me what is so great about him?

Jeremy Lindsey from Pittsburgh, PA writes: Honestly, the Chad Ochocinco list is pretty worthless. Even when he gets shut down he "checks" off the CBs. The Steelers have kept him in check for years now, and he always claims he won the battle.

C. Jones from Pasadena, MD writes: The reason Ravens fans always have something negative to say about the Steelers is because we hate everything about the Steelers. When your Steelers lose three times in a season to the Ravens (it's going to happen, don't worry) you'll talk just as much trash as you do now. Baltimore fans will stick by their Ravens and stand up for them through thick and thin. Baltimore fans are die-hard, we bleed purple and black. Two things unite Baltimore fans: A love for the Ravens and a hatred for the Steelers. It's called a rivalry. Our time is coming, just wait.

David from Fontainebleau, France writes: With the Steelers losing, I'm sure that Ravens fans are laying claim to being tops in the division. I don't buy it. I don't trust Baltimore's defense giving up 24 points to the Chiefs when KC was playing with backup QB Brodie Croyle, and then giving up 26 to a normally-potent Chargers offense that was missing LaDainian Tomlinson and most of their offensive line. That can't bode well for Ray Lewis et al. The Ravens should pick up the win versus Cleveland in Week 3, but then I see them dropping their next three to head into the bye week even-up. Let Baltimore brag all they want about their QB Joe Flacco. It's their defense that made them competitive in the AFC North, and if that unit lost their edge, then Baltimore is imminently beatable.

Erik from Washington D.C. writes: A note to panicking Steelers fans: Let’s face it; we were not going to go 16-0. And to be honest, if we had to lose one this is probably one of the more favorable losses we could take. It was an NFC team, and therefore the loss would be very low on any tiebreakers for standings in the division or conference. Secondly, it was in Chicago which also helps with any tiebreakers that may come into play. Not to mention the lack of Troy Polamalu vs. Jay Cutler favors the Bears heavily. Sure it hurts because either of the two field goals may have sealed it, but don’t give up yet.

Connor from Portland, OR writes: I don't see why people are so upset about Jerome Bettis' comments. Anybody who watched Pittsburgh last year knows their run game and O-line are a weak spot and need improving. I'm not going to give up on them after one game against a great defense. But they didn't address the issues in the offseason, so pretending like everything is fine certainly isn't the answer.

Where's the love, everyone?