Oher: Flacco is 'toughest QB in the NFL'

There's always a heated debate whenever someone calls the Ravens' Joe Flacco an elite quarterback. But where does he rate as far as grit?

Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher put Flacco at the top, telling 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore that he is "easily the toughest quarterback in the NFL."

Flacco has certainly proved himself under pressure this season. He has thrown "under duress" on 24.6 percent of his dropbacks, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Only Chicago's Jay Cutler (26.5 percent) has had the pocket collapse more often.

In those situations, Flacco has completed 32.6 percent of his passes and has passed for 225 yards. His quarterback rating is 51, which ranks 19th in the NFL.

Flacco took some major hits in last Sunday's victory over Houston, but he bounced back off the ground each time. With 53 consecutive starts, he has the league's third-longest current streak among active quarterbacks, ranking behind Eli Manning (109) and Philip Rivers (85).

“Since my first year here, I’ve seen him take some hits and nothing fazes the guy," Oher said. "It’s unbelievable just to see him stand in the pocket time after time when he knows he’s going to get drilled on this play. He’s fearless."

Note: According to ESPN Stats & Information, "under duress" is defined as situations when defensive pressure forced players to throw early, off-balance or when they were getting hit.