Stewart says Steelers can't beat Patriots

Kordell Stewart doesn't believe in his former team when it comes to playing Tom Brady.

Stewart, who was known as "Slash" when he quarterbacked Pittsburgh from 1995 to 2002, said the Steelers can't beat the New England Patriots on Sunday.

"The offense of New England is just too potent," Stewart said on ESPN's "First Take." "I don't think they have a chance."

Stewart's assessment comes from watching the success of Brady and the Patriots' offense. "They've exposed the Pittsburgh Steelers over time by spreading them out, by putting [safety Troy] Polamalu outside the box and cover someone," he said. "There's a multitude of problems on this defense when it comes to understanding how to defend the New England Patriots' offense."

Stewart said the last team to slow down the Patriots was the Dallas Cowboys, but that doesn't help Pittsburgh.

"When you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers, that's not their DNA and how [Cowboys defensive coordinator] Rob Ryan ran that defense," Stewart said. "Their DNA is confuse you by putting two, three hands in the ground and maybe walk some guys around and lurk Troy Polamalu down to the middle of the field. That won't be the case."