Tom Brady owns Heinz Field

Everyone knows by now that Tom Brady is a 6-1 all-time against the Steelers.

While that's impressive on its own, the more shocking numbers are his dominance at Heinz Field. Brady is 4-1 on the Steelers' home turf, directing the Patriots to 29.4 points there. He's averaged 263 yards per game (including more than 349 yards the past two trips at Heinz), throwing seven touchdowns and three interceptions.

The Steelers have lost three times in the playoffs since Heinz Field opened in 2001, and two of them have come at the hands of Brady. Pittsburgh has allowed 39 or more points twice at Heinz, and both times it was accomplished by Brady.

Heading into another game at Heinz, Brady downplayed his dominance over the Steelers.

“It’s just execution,’’ he said. “It’s guys getting open and us completing it. There’s no special thing that we do. There’s no magic dust we put in our cereal in the morning or anything like that."

Brady has been impressed with this season's Steelers defense, which ranks third in yards (279.0) and points allowed (17.4) per game.

“It’s a good defense; it’s a very good defense," Brady said. "They’re first in the league in pass defense [actually second; Browns are first] and I know you probably don’t care about that, but they’re pretty damn good, if you ask me.’’

The Steelers made it clear that they respect Brady, but they don't fear him.

"We're not intimidated by nobody," Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton said.

So why does Brady have so much success against the Steelers? “If I knew the reason why they’ve beaten us more than we’ve beaten them, we wouldn’t have that problem anymore,” Hampton said.