Walker's weekend mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com’s James Walker

Let’s see what’s in the weekend mailbag.

Luis from Phoenix, AZ and Joe from Ohio want to know if the Cleveland Browns will go 0-16 this season.

James Walker: As I mentioned earlier this week in our AFC North chat, I’m surprised how quickly Browns fans have soured on their team. Many are completely giving up two games into the season and have zero confidence Cleveland can turn it around, which is unusual for loyal Browns fans. But no, Luis and Joe, the Browns will not go winless this season.

Matt from Los Angeles, CA is curious as to why the Browns aren’t running as many screen passes as they did in the preseason.

James Walker: Good question, Matt. The Browns pretty much showed many of their screen plays in the preseason, and usually when a team puts it on film that early, it becomes less effective in the regular season. That’s why teams play "vanilla" in the summer. My guess is the Browns are waiting until the right moment when they feel screens will be effective. The nagging injuries to tailbacks James Davis and Jerome Harrison also have hurt Cleveland’s ability to run screens.

Dustin from Pittsburgh wants to know if blackouts prevent fans to watching the game in the market of visiting teams.

James Walker: Blackouts do not impact road teams, Dustin. The league imposed the rule only for home markets who fail to sale out its stadium.

Brian from Spencer, Indiana wants to know if Jerome Bettis would consider coming out of retirement after Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin recently said he left a locker open for him.

James Walker: Bettis is 37 and has been out of football since the Super Bowl in 2006. He left the game on top with a championship and is on his way to the Hall of Fame. Bettis has no reason to come out of retirement.

James from Monterey, CA writes: Does Troy Reed use Head and Shoulders?

James Walker: Good question to keep the streak going, James. I’ll have to check on that one and get back to you.

RJ from Virginia Beach, VA wants to know why the Steelers cut fullback Carey Davis.

James Walker: Davis was in the doghouse entering this offseason, which is why Frank "The Tank" Summers was drafted in the first place. Neither player was all-that impressive in the preseason, but a team is always inclined to keep its valued draft pick in an effort to develop and find their ceiling. Steelers offensive coordinator Bruce Arians uses a fullback less than most coordinators, so there was no reason to keep two on the roster.