Destination: Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH -- I've arrived in the Steel City for the much-anticipated Ravens-Steelers grudge match. I won't be alone returning here, and I'm not talking about the likely returns of Steelers linebacker James Harrison and Ravens left guard Ben Grubbs.

The referee for Sunday night's game is Walt Coleman. That's the same official from the Ravens-Steelers game three years ago that will be remembered for its controversial finish (well, controversial moreso for the Ravens and their fans).

Let's take a look back ...

In a 2008 game at Baltimore, the Steelers celebrated a 13-9 victory and the division championship on Santonio Holmes' controversial 4-yard touchdown catch with 43 seconds left in the game.

The Ravens actually thought they had held the Steelers out of the end zone for a few minutes. But Coleman overruled the original decision, signaling a touchdown after a replay review.

According to Coleman, the replay showed that Holmes had control of the pass and the ball broke the plane of the goal line -- an opinion not shared by Ravens coach John Harbaugh.

"It didn't look to me like he broke the plane," said Harbaugh, who indicated that he never received an explanation from the officials. "That's what I saw."

Coleman, however, was later vindicated by Mike Pereira, the supervisor of officials at that time. On his weekly show on the NFL Network, Pereira said there was indeed indisputable visual evidence that the ball broke the plane of the goal line when Holmes had control of the ball with both of his feet down.