Harbaugh Bowl: No family dinner planned

The first brothers to be head coaches in the NFL will meet for the first time Thanksgiving night, when Jim Harbaugh's 49ers play at John Harbaugh's Ravens.

While the NFL has a heartwarming storyline for this family holiday, there won't be any heartwarming family dinner between the brothers. They'll see each other for three hours during the game, and Jim Harbaugh will fly out with the 49ers immediately afterward.

The brothers are very close -- they consider themselves best friends -- but there are other priorities for that day.

"It's about football," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Monday in a conference call. "We wouldn't have Thanksgiving anyway if we were playing a normal [Sunday] game. I'm sure both of our focuses are going to be on the game and on our teams. There's no time for really anything else."