Playoff machine: AFC scenarios

Just punched in a few scenarios into ESPN's Playoff Machine and this is how the AFC playoff seedings turned out:

If teams with better winning percentage win out: 1. Ravens, 2. Patriots, 3. Texans, 4, Raiders, 5. Steelers and 6. Jets.

If home teams win out: 1. Patriots, 2. Texans, 3. Steelers, 4. Broncos, 5. Ravens and 6. Bengals.

If higher ranked defenses win out: 1. Ravens, 2. Texans, 3. Broncos, 4. Jets, 5. Steelers and 6. Bengals.

Of course, all of the games won't play out this way. But it gives you an idea of how much movement can happen over the final five weeks of the regular season. What's great about the playoff machine is you can also pick the results for each game and see how that affects the seedings.