Matchup to watch: Oher vs. Sheard

Here's a top matchup heading into Sunday's Ravens-Browns game along with a take from Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.

Who: Ravens RT Michael Oher vs. Browns DE Jabaal Sheard

Breakdown: Oher is back at right tackle after starting on the left side last season. The 2009 first-round pick has allowed 4.5 sacks this season and has committed seven penalties (which includes four holding and two false starts). Sheard, a rookie second-round pick, leads the Browns with 4.5 sacks and four forced fumbles. He ranks 10th on the team with 35 tackles.

Williamson's take: "Sheard started the season extremely strong, then tailed off a little. But the past few weeks, he is back at it for the Browns. This is an excellent all-around defensive end, especially when you consider that he is just a rookie. He isn't elite in any one area, but he is quite good in all facets of playing left defensive end and should only improve. Oher is playing much better this year than last on the right side as opposed to left tackle. As right tackles go, he is a very good athlete. Opposite Oher, Bryant McKinnie has really fallen off heavy since the beginning of the season, but Cleveland really doesn't have another threatening edge rusher opposite Sheard."