Browns' Josh Cribbs 'fed up' with losing

Wide receiver-returner Josh Cribbs is tired of the Cleveland Browns losing and isn't afraid to say it.

Cleveland has lost four of its last five games and appears headed for its fifth last-place finish in the AFC North in Cribbs' seventh season with the team. The Browns have also lost double-digit games in five of his seasons there, including the past three.

"I am fed up," Cribbs told The Cleveland Plain Dealer. "I want to win this year. Everybody says 'we're building, we look good.' I don't really care about the building process, because I want to win now. I'm not worried about next year, next year. I want to win now. So, that's how I feel."

Cribbs has experienced only one winning season and has never reached the postseason.

"I feel like I want to see a playoff, you know, as bad as our fans do," he said. "When we don't win, you know, the city feels down."

Cribbs ranks third on the team in catches (29) and has scored the most touchdowns (four) on the Browns. He has scored a touchdown in three of his past five games but he hasn't had more than five catches during that stretch.

When The Plain Dealer asked if he was happy with the way he's being used, Cribbs said, "Uh ... I just won't answer that."

Cribbs explained he didn't want to come off sounding selfish. "All I care about [is] winning," he said.