Baltimore Ravens move up to No. 2 seed

The Baltimore Ravens would receive the No. 2 seed and a first-round bye if the regular-season ended today. The last and only time the Ravens have earned a first-round bye in their history was 2006.

As the staff at ESPN Stats & Information explains it, the Patriots (9-3) would take the top spot based on a better conference record than the Ravens (9-3) and better strength of victory than the Houston Texans (9-3). The Ravens would take the No. 2 seed over the Texans because they beat them in Week 5.

The Texans would be No. 3, and the Denver Broncos (7-5) are No. 4. As far as the wild cards, the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3) are No. 5 and the Cincinnati Bengals (7-5) remain No. 6 because they have a better conference record than the three other 7-5 teams: the Tennessee Titans, the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets.