Report: Ray Lewis eyeing Dec. 18 return

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is looking to return next week for the Dec. 18 game at San Diego, a team source told The Baltimore Sun.

Lewis is expected to miss Sunday's game against the winless Colts, which would mark the fourth straight week that he's been sidelined with turf toe. According to the report, Lewis could have returned for last Sunday's game at Cleveland, but team officials and Lewis decided it would be better for him to take another couple of weeks off.

The Ravens can take their time with Lewis because the results show they haven't missed him in the middle of the defense. Baltimore is 3-0 without its team leader, beating Cincinnati, San Francisco and Cleveland.

In three games without Lewis, the Ravens held those teams to an average of 13.3 points. In nine games with him, Baltimore has allowed 16.9 points per game.

The Ravens have used three undrafted players -- Dannell Ellerbe, Albert McClellan and Brendon Ayanbadejo -- to fill Lewis' spot.