Harbaugh brothers team up against Steelers

The San Francisco 49ers play the Pittsburgh Steelers on "Monday Night Football."

Is there anyone who 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh knows that could give him advice on how to beat Pittsburgh? Oh, maybe his brother.

When asked if he will share some strategy with Jim, Ravens coach John Harbaugh looked at a team official and asked, "Is there any NFL regulations on that that you’re aware of?"

Upon hearing that it was fine, John Harbaugh said, "I’m sure there will be some of that. The truth is coaches do that around the league based on best interest and things like that. I know for a fact a lot of coaches have spent a lot of time talking about us before they play us. So, I'm sure we'll try to help him in some way if we can. But it's not really our game; it's not really our concern."

How much help will it really be? Former NFL coach Jon Gruden, who is part of ESPN's broadcast team, doesn't think it will be much help.

“I don't know how beneficial it is because the Ravens on offense have nothing to do with the 49ers on offense, and there's no guarantee the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to play the 49ers like they played the Ravens, so you've got to be careful doing your work on the telephone,” Gruden said. “I've always been reluctant to do that. I really think this game here is a totally different set of circumstances than what the Ravens saw from the Steelers in their two ballgames. I guess to answer your question, I never put a lot of stock into that.”