AFC North: Best against the rest

The northern divisions of the NFL have been the best in football all season.

At this point, the AFC North has a slight edge over the NFC North when playing outside the division. The Ravens, Steelers, Bengals and Browns have a combined 22-12 record (.647) in non-division games.

The NFC North (the Packers, Lions, Bears and Vikings) is a close second with a 21-13 mark (.618) outside the division. Of course, it helps that the AFC North has been playing all the teams in two of the weaker divisions this year: AFC South and NFC West.

So, if we had the AFC North vs. NFC North Challenge (like they do in basketball), which division would come out on top?

The matchups would be (assuming a neutral field):

  • Ravens vs. Packers

  • Steelers vs. Lions

  • Bengals vs. Bears

  • Browns vs. Vikings