Poll results: Who wins wild-card weekend?

In a SportsNation poll this week, over half of the 10,000 voters believe the AFC North will continue its strong showing this year.

As of today, 58 percent say the Bengals and the Steelers will win in this weekend's wild-card weekend. The No. 6 Bengals play at the No. 3 Texans on Saturday, and the No. 5 Steelers go to No. 4 Denver on Sunday.

If this happens, the AFC North will make NFL history. Since the realignment in 2002, no division has ever had three teams play in the conference final four.

Under this scenario, the Bengals would play at the Patriots in the divisional round and the Steelers would face a rematch at the Ravens.

Here are the results of the poll:

Who wins AFC wild-card weekend?

Bengals and Steelers: 58 percent

Bengals and Broncos: 6 percent

Texans and Steelers: 32 percent

Texans and Broncos: 4 percent