Ike Taylor apologizes for performance

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor owned up to his struggles in Sunday's 29-23 wild-card playoff loss at Denver after not speaking to reporters after the game.

Taylor allowed catches of 51 and 58 yards before giving up the 80-yard game-winner on the first play in overtime. On the final play, he got beat to the inside by Demaryius Thomas and then got stiff-armed by the Broncos' wide receiver at midfield.

After congratulating Tim Tebow and the Broncos on Twitter, Taylor added: "I apologize for playing the worst game at the wrong time apologize to my teammates steelernation and family. Luv y'all to def."

Taylor was very emotional after the game, staring at the ground in front of a ripped-up locker.

He gave up several big plays and will likely be remembered for costing the Steelers the game. But Taylor has had a Pro Bowl-type season and shouldn't shoulder all of the blame.

The Steelers put him in a precarious position by putting him on an island against Thomas, because they were more committed to stopping the run than the pass. Still, it's hard to forget Thomas shoving Taylor out of the way on his way to the winning score.