Pollard hopes Giants put 'thrashing' on Pats

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard has a history of hurting the Patriots, delivering blows over the years that have injured Tom Brady's anterior cruciate ligament, Wes Welker's knee and Rob Gronkowski's ankle.

Now, after the Ravens' loss in the AFC championship game in New England, he is hoping for the New York Giants to deliver the big blow on the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

“I really hope the Giants – I just hope they just put a thrashing on the Patriots. I really do," Pollard told a Houston radio station.

While I respect Pollard for voicing his opinion and not giving a bland answer, this probably won't happen. The Patriots haven't been "thrashed" all season. Their three losses have been by a total of 15 points.

It would be difficult for any team to rout New England because the Patriots' mindset is to outscore you. The Giants, who had the fourth-worst pass defense in the regular season, will have trouble slowing down the Patriots.

Pollard believes the Ravens would have beaten New England and "pretty boy" Brady -- which is how he referred to the quarterback last week -- if Billy Cundiff had made the 32-yard field goal, which would have tied the game with 11 seconds left in regulation.

"We knew if this thing got to overtime … we knew we were going to the Super Bowl," he said. "I think we played a really good game."