Thought of the Day: '05 Bengals or '09 Bengals?

Posted by ESPN.com’s James Walker

We have an interesting "Thought of the Day" topic on the Cincinnati Bengals this week.

Which team is better: Cincinnati’s playoff group of 2005 or this 4-1 team in 2009?

It’s an interesting question that requires you to look back as well as look ahead. The Bengals in 2005 won the AFC North at 11-5 but lost in the wild-card round to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who went on to win Super Bowl XL the same year.

Do this year’s Bengals have more potential?

Cincinnati is off to a great start and lead the AFC North by one game after beating the Baltimore Ravens, 17-14, Sunday. Several players such as quarterback Carson Palmer and receiver Chad Ochocinco are still around and playing at a high level.

So will the Bengals accomplish more and go further they did than 2005? Send your thoughts to our AFC North inbox and we will run the best responses.