ManningWatch: Sanders' player perspective

INDIANAPOLIS — Outside of the Super Bowl, the hot topic in town is what the Indianapolis Colts will do with quarterback Peyton Manning. Former NFL cornerback Deion Sanders gives his take of the situation from a player's perspective:

"I'm tired of you guys misconstruing it and start badgering a guy for holding out and trying to make a dollar when he finally gets leverage. But you never say nothing about these teams when they're allowing these guys to go year after year with contracts. No one says anything. The money isn't guaranteed. Now, it just so happens one of our most heralded players and he's getting caught up in business. They say it's about his health and his family situation. No, you're worried about $28 million that he's got coming.

"Any team would be a good fit for Peyton. He can make Slippery Rock go to the BCS. That's who he is."