Prediction time: Super Bowl

INDIANAPOLIS — The Super Bowl predictions are in from over 50 experts at ESPN. Here's just a sampling featuring my quick take on the game along with the other AFC division bloggers:

Jamison Hensley, AFC North: Patriots, 31-20. Tom Brady didn't play well in the AFC Championship Game, and he remembers losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl four years ago. A motivated Brady is a dangerous one. He will prove you don't need a defense to win a ring.

James Walker, AFC East: Patriots, 27-24. I picked the Patriots in the preseason, so there's no point in backing out now. I doubt Brady will have two bad games in a row, especially against an inconsistent Giants secondary.

Paul Kuharsky, AFC South: Giants, 27-23. Hardly rocket science, but I envision the New York pass rush and the New England pass defense being the biggest factors in the game. Still, with Bill Belichick and Brady cast as "underdogs," the Patriots are scary.

Bill Williamson, AFC West: Patriots, 27-17. Eli Manning won't grab another Super Bowl ring on Brady's watch. Brady will add to his legacy as one of the best Super Bowl performers of all time with a masterful performance against a strong defense.