Harrison insults Patriots after Super Bowl

INDIANAPOLIS -- James Harrison has been called the dirtiest player in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker added another title Sunday night: rudest player in the league.

As soon as the New England Patriots fell short in a 21-17 loss in the Super Bowl, Harrison posted on Twitter: "Told you, cheaters never win!!!!!!!!!"

Not sure if you could tell by the amount of exclamation points, but Harrison is extremely happy by the Patriots' misery. Of course, he's bringing up "Spygate," the 2007 incident where the Patriots were caught videotaping the New York Jets defensive coaches' signals.

Steelers safety Ryan Clark piled on with this on Twitter: "0-2 [in Super Bowls] post spy gate! Just saying!!"

This is just poor timing by Harrison and Clark. It's also poor taste. Veteran players should have more class than this. They should be showing younger players how to act as professionals and not like teenagers.

Three minutes later, after receiving some criticism, Harrison followed it with another post on Twitter: "Lol, I'm sorry I couldn't help it!!!" He finished up the night with this: "Come on people love or hate me more!"

Harrison has a long reputation for cheap shots on the field, many of which can defended by his old-school mentality of playing football. But there is no defending this cheap shot. It was a low blow, and Harrison should know better.