AFC North poll: Who do you love to dislike?

It's Valentine's Day, so it's time for everyone to tell me who you love ... to dislike.

Let's vent on all of the people in the AFC North that drive you crazy. You might respect them. You might hate to see them play your team. But, in the end, they are the ones who strike the emotional nerve.

Here are the choices for this week's poll (with reader comments below):

Mike Brown, Bengals owner

WHODEY809: We'll win even with you handicapping us.

SteelBeam00: The only Bengal I can say I may not like is Mike Brown, though he does keep me laughing at some of his decisions.

Peyton Hillis, Browns running back

BmoreNotLess: Anyone that complains that much about a contract after a single good season is just selfish.

sheatan66: You made yourself a hometown hero, then turned heel before we could get a statue up. Are you a hard-working, modest farm boy from Arkansas, or a big shot self-entitled genetic freak? Make up your mind.

Terrell Suggs, Ravens linebacker

bradblackandgold: He usually backs up the trash he talks and makes his disdain for Pittsburgh very clear.

ThePointe2011: He's a beast, one-man Steelers offensive line wrecking crew and a big mouth. Hate him cause he's so good.

James Harrison, Steelers linebacker

BrownTownSC: He refuses to play within the confines of the rules. He's a cheap shot artist. He said it himself -- he would not be as good of a player if he played within the rules.

CWT8403: James Harrison almost has to be the guy from the Steelers. I'm a Steelers fan, and even I love to hate him.

Go ahead and register your vote or let me know what you think in the comments section below. I'll follow up by the end of the week.