McShay: Browns have to trade up for RG3

The Cleveland Browns have the fourth overall pick, but that won't be high enough to draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said in a conference call Thursday.

He believes the Browns must trade up to the No. 2 pick if they want to select the Heisman Trophy winner. And, if Cleveland doesn't do it, McShay expects another team to leapfrog the Browns for RG3.

“I think he’s every bit worth the [No. 2] pick,” McShay said. “I’ve got him as the third prospect overall in this class, and I think that if the Browns want him, they need to move up and get him. I’ll be surprised if he lasts until four, and I’ll be even surprised if he gets to No. 3 because I think that No. 2 pick is up for public auction. I think the Rams are going to get a good deal to move back and can still get a player they want at tackle or wide receiver. And if it’s not Cleveland, then it’s probably going to be Washington [at No. 6] right behind them leapfrogging Cleveland to get up to No. 2.”

McShay said the Browns might be able to trade the fourth overall pick and their second-rounder (No. 37) to the Rams in exchange for the No. 2 selection. But, according to the draft value chart, the Browns would have to trade both their first-round picks (Nos. 4 and 22 overall) and their sixth-rounder to the Rams to move up to No. 2.

One reason why McShay believes the Browns need to select RG3 is because Colt McCoy isn't the answer at quarterback.

“I think we’ve seen enough flashes, but I think we’ve also seen teams adjust to his inability to consistently throw the ball down the field with velocity and accuracy,” he said. “I think with McCoy, we’ve kind of seen in the last couple of years that he has the intangibles -- the toughness, the competitiveness, the ability to move and keep plays alive and accuracy underneath -- but the limitations are there.”

McShay said he would trade up for RG3, but I'm not as convinced at this point. If the Rams would take a second-round pick instead of the Browns' second first-rounder, it's a no-brainer for Cleveland to move up and take RG3. But I'm reluctant right now to give up that second first-round pick because the Browns have so many holes on offense.

Here's one option: Aggressively go after the draft's second-best quarterback (RG3) by trading both first-round picks and miss out on a potential No. 1 wide receiver late in the first round.

Here's another option: Stay put to select wide receiver Justin Blackmon with their first first-round pick and quarterback Ryan Tannehill with their second first-rounder.

It's a tough call. And it's one that will shape the future of the Browns' offense.