Ravens' Suggs rips Tim Tebow -- again

In a GQ article about Tim Tebow, Terrell Suggs and Brady Quinn made critical remarks about the Broncos quarterback.

Quinn has since clarified his remarks, saying his quotes were taken out of context. Don't expect a similar apology from Suggs.

For some reason, Suggs continually lashes out at Tebow. It's really bizarre for Suggs to go out of his way to bash Tebow when he hasn't played him and he's not in the same division. This is purely a one-sided rivalry which is turning ugly.

In many instances, Suggs does it in a playful manner. In the GQ article titled “The Year of Magical Stinking: An Oral History of Tebow Time,” he crosses the line with his constant attacks on Tebow. Suggs has become the leading critic of Tebow, and I'm still trying to figure out why.

“They say we were giving him a hard time because he’s a Christian. No, that’s not it!," Suggs told GQ. "We were giving him a hard time because he was terrible.”

Suggs has been critical of quarterbacks in the past, especially Tom Brady. I understood that grudge because they jawed on the field and exchanged some trash talking through the media over the years.

Unless I'm missing something, there's no history between Suggs and Tebow. You would think Suggs would like Tebow after what he did to his biggest rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the playoffs.

Suggs has vented about Tebow on ESPN's First Take, taking a shot at his religious persona. But he's also been light-hearted about the Tebowmania as well. When asked whether he would win NFL Defensive Player of the Year -- which he eventually did -- Suggs said, "I pretty much will leave it in God's hands, leave it in Tebow's hands."

OK, that was funny. His remarks to GQ had no humor at all. I'm not saying that Suggs is wrong to criticize a quarterback. I agree that Tebow is overrated.

But taking repeated shots at a player starts to make it personal. From my perspective, Suggs enjoys taking shots on Tebow off the field as much as he does hitting Ben Roethlisberger on the field.

“I mean, it’s an insult to us players,” Suggs told GQ about Tebow. “You know, wins are hard to come by in this league, and if I was Denver’s defense, I would feel a certain way – they’re not allowed to, because they’re all on one team, but people are making it look like Tim Tebow is the kid from Foxborough [Tom Brady], which that couldn’t be more opposite. It’s just crazy that we’re calling him a phenomenon when basically he’s mediocre. [Carolina rookie] Cam Newton is a way better quarterback than Tim Tebow, and we don’t have a Cam Newton phenomenon.”

Let's see if Suggs backs off his comments when the Ravens play host to Tebow and the Denver Broncos in 2012. Judging from the past couple of months, my guess is he continues his attack on Tebow.