Report: Browns unwilling to trade 22nd pick

The Browns are unwilling at this point to include their second first-round pick (the 22nd overall) in any trade package with the Rams to move up to No. 2 overall and draft quarterback Robert Griffin III, league sources told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

My suggestion is to not read too much into this. The key words in the first paragraph are "at this point." I believe the Browns must make the move and draft RG3.

The Rams want a deal in place before the big-name quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn hit the free-agent market. When those quarterbacks sign with teams, there will be fewer teams in need of one and it will drop the value of the Rams' No. 2 pick. The earliest a trade can be executed is March 13.

There is plenty of time for the Browns to talk to the Rams and come to an agreement. I'm not saying this trade will definitely happen, but this is all part of negotiations. Even if the Browns are interested in parting with that No. 22 pick, they wouldn't be saying so at this point. This still looks like a two-team race for RG3 with the Browns and Redskins. The Dolphins and Seahawks could also be in the mix.

If the Browns balk at moving up, they are down to two options to upgrading the quarterback position. They could sign a free agent (like Flynn, Jason Campbell, Kyle Orton or Alex Smith) or trade down from the fourth overall pick to draft Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill in the top 10.