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Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

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On the Cincinnati Bengals and Shaun Alexander...

Mark from Orlando writes: I cannot believe that the Bengals are 0-5 honestly. I mean I could see 1-4, 2-3, but it just seems like the ball isn't bouncing our way. Usually our D gets beat because its just outclassed, but now it at least seems like its because their young. Please give me some kind of hope for the future.

Reader from Cincinnati writes: Where do you get that Shaun Alexander did not run hard? That is preposterous. Alexander was one of the greatest runnung backs ever inside the 20 yard line where the runnung gets tuff. He played 2 years with injuries. I can't understand why the media hates on this particular player so much. I believe there is more to the story. Something other than his playing ability is keeping him off the field. I just can't figure out what it is.

On the Cleveland Browns...

Brian from Columbus, OH writes: Hi James, I appreciate the great insight into the AFC North that you constantly provide! With respect to the Browns, I agree that the Browns need to stick with Jamal Lewis on offense - let him be the catalyst. Next, unleash Shaun Rogers. We've already seen what happens he clogs up the middle - he is still able to get through. Now, just let him loose along with some stunting from Wimbley. This is the AFC North - if you can't run and play solid defense, you're done.

Andrew from Fontana, CA writes: Hey James, Love what you are doing with the blog. You put up some good stuff. I have been a Browns fan since I started watching football. About 15 years now. And the 1 thing that I have learned is that this game that I love is crazy. What I mean is that yes my team is 1-3 right now at the bye, the bye couldn't of come at a better time. But I truly believe that come next Monday night, we will see a much more focused, disiplined team playing with a lot more heart. I didn't buy into the pre-season media war drum bashing that had us in the AFC championship game. However I did expect RC to have this team better prepared. It's nice for our team to be humbled so early on in the season. It might be what we needed. Regarding DA, isn't this what Cleveland fans wanted? To give him another chance? Thats why Phil and the gang signed him to his basically 1 year deal. Did we really expect him to come out firing like he did last year. No but like life and football is no different you face trials and tribulations. And I think that DA and the team will find a way out of this 1st quarter funk and finish strong. Thanks James. GO BROWNIES!!

On the Pittsburgh Steelers...

Dustin in Salt Lake writes: It was great last Monday and last night to see the Steelers use the no huddle. Also, it was great to see Ben use the three-step drop and get rid of the ball quickly. It looks like he holds the ball longer at times from the shotgun. Glad to see Arians making adjustments to offset mediocre play from the o-line (even though it's not just their fault). If the o-line is struggling they need to offset that with the no huddle, three-step drops, and quick hot routes. It appears that Arians is making those adjustments and hope they don't become complacent. Great article and analysis James.

Mike from Ewa Beach, HI writes: What is with the bias against Larry Foote? All I keep hearing is that it's only a matter of time till Timmons takes his spot full time. Why? Foote is better against the run, he has half a sack more, he's underrated blitzing and in zone coverage. Potential is an ethereal thing, how many guys maximize their abilities? Rather than create animosity why not put the two of them on the field at the same time more often? Whether it's spelling Farrior or in the nickel defens with Harrison, Woodley, Farrior, Timmons, and Anthony Smith, I think Larry Foote has earned the right to play with his consistently solid play. Nothing against Timmons but the proof is in the pudding.

John B. from Washington, DC writes: I generally don't like to complain about bad or missed calls. The games happen at high speed, and the officials are right an amazing percentage of the time. But Sunday night's Steelers-Jaguars game was a low in officiating. I admit that I bleed black & gold and am not impartial, but there were repeated non-calls on blatent offensive holding on consecutive plays, questionable late hit and taunting calls going both ways, phantom pass-interference calls, whistles where players were down but not touched, and the failure to restart the play clock for the two point conversion after a booth review. Fortunately, these calls didn't change the outcome in this game, although such calls might have in others this year. Why does it seem like officiating has taken a step backwards this year?