Ravens' T. Smith ready to bet on Joe Flacco

If you don't think Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco will win a Super Bowl, wide receiver Torrey Smith wants you to put your money where your tweeting mouth is.

"I will argue with anyone about our QB," Smith posted on Twitter. "I'd bet more than my normal $5 that he gets a ring soon enough."

Based on his signing bonus, Smith could make 190,000 of those $5 bets. And, knowing the number of Flacco critics out there, he might easily reach that number.

How did all of this get started? Well, Smith, the Ravens' No. 2 receiver, created a stir on Twitter today when he asked what Peyton Manning's arrival in Denver means for Tim Tebow. He then received responses that he wasn't expecting.

"One more person tweets me 'Tebow should replace Joe' I'll [shaking my head]," Smith posted on Twitter.

If anyone says Tebow will get a ring before Flacco, you're either a fan of Tebowmania or perhaps LaMarr Woodley.