Poll results: Revisiting Tim Tebow, Browns

Yes, it's a moot point now that Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets. I just wanted to pass along the results of this week's Browns-Tebow SportsNation poll because it drew such a tremendous response.

The question posed was: Should the Browns trade for Tebow? Of the 15,514 votes -- which is a record for an AFC North poll since I became the blogger -- 64 percent were against Cleveland making a move for Tebow and 33 percent were in favor of it.

But the most interesting number was this -- only 3 percent were undecided. This was one of those topics where you were extremely in favor of it or strongly against it. There was no gray area.

Here are some comments pulled from that blog post:

LeBrowns James: Look at how terrible Tebow's numbers are on a good team, put him on a bad team in the AFC North...that's a joke.

Ken Strong: Tebow is light years ahead of anyone on the browns roster. I just wonder how peple can watch the guy be amazing and carry a team for two months, turn an entire franchise around, absolutely destroy a healthy steelers D in a game they needed all with zero offesnive weapons and still be so dense. the only reason Tebows a bad fit with the Browns is because he's a WINNER.

SenorFavre: Those who think Tebow can win a Super Bowl as a starter probably think their Uncle still has their nose.

osarron: Do Browns need playmakers? Tebow is a playmaker. Question, answer, problem solved.

dmanthony: The Browns would be dumb to go after Tebow. They don't need him to fill the stands as they already do that every season. He would be a downgrade to Colt. If the Browns didn't go after Manning, Flynn or any other QB in FA why would they go after Tebow who is worse then all of them?