Chatting with QB prospect Brandon Weeden

OK, I didn't really chat with Brandon Weeden. But everyone else had that chance because the Oklahoma State quarterback participated in a SportsNation chat on Wednesday.

Weeden is the 28-year-old prospect who delayed his football career for five years to play minor-league baseball. He is currently the fourth-best quarterback in the NFL draft, according to Mel Kiper Jr., and he could be headed to the Cleveland Browns.

Here are some highlights of the SportsNation chat including his thoughts on getting drafted by the Browns and playing in the weather there:

Dave (Mississippi): What's the top that you clocked in at when pitching?

Brandon Weeden: I topped out at 97.

Terry (Dallas): How tired are you about questions about your age?

Brandon Weeden: I'm getting sick of it. But after another month or so, it will be over.

Dave (Ohio): Whould you mind playing in Cleveland?

Brandon Weeden: Yeah, I wouldn't mind at all. I would be excited. It would be a good opportunity. They have some good things going on there right now.

Sean (Huntsville, AL): Brandon, would you prefer getting drafted to a team where you might get a chance to start immediately, or would you like a situation where you might get a year or a half year (due to injury or performance) and have more time to learn the system as a back-up ?

Brandon Weeden: Honestly, either. It's tough to come into the league and play right away, but if I have an opportunity to do that, it might be best. But it's good to learn. I'm good with either one.

Alex (Cleveland): How do these draft picks sound to you from the Cleveland Browns. Trent Richardson, Michael Floyd, Brandon Weeden.

Brandon Weeden: That's some offensive fire power. It would be some nice weapons to hand the ball to and throw it too. Wouldn't hurt my feelings.

Sean McKenzie (Van Wert, OH): If you are taken by my Cleveland Browns, how prepared are you for Lake Erie snowstorms and winds that blow 30-40 on a regular basis??? Hope to see you in Cleveland by the way.

Brandon Weeden: It's the same issue in Oklahoma. I've played in games where the winds are blowing 60. I don't think it would be an issue.