McCoy inadvertently stirs trouble for school

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy knows it's been a bad few months when he can't toss a few passes without getting an entire school in trouble.

In Springfield, Ill., last month to make an appearance at an annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes banquet, he threw balls to students of Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, including one football player. That prompted someone to submit a complaint to the Illinois High School Association about whether the workout represented an illegal practice, according to the Springfield State Journal-Register.

What? This is too late for April Fools'. I don't see Ashton Kutcher around so no one is getting punked. It's hard to believe that anyone thought anyone else was gaining an advantage because McCoy threw a few harmless passes before, let me stress this again, a Fellowship of Christian Athletes banquet.

Let me answer the complaint: No, this wasn't illegal. The only thing wrong about this situation is that someone submitted a complaint.

"He shared his faith and played with them and threw the ball around a little bit," Sacred Heart-Griffin football coach Ken Leonard told Fox News. "It was unbelievable experience. I'm sorry if any rules were broken, but in this instance, if I was wrong, I don't want to be right."

Marty Hickman, executive director of the Illinois High School Association, told the State Journal-Register that the matter is being reviewed.

This past year has been so difficult that McCoy has to wonder whether he was on the cover of the Madden video game.

His 2011 season ended with a concussion that knocked him out of the final three games. His starting job would've gone to either Robert Griffin III or Sam Bradford, if the Browns reportedly had their way this offseason.

Now, McCoy finds out that he can't throw a football without getting scrutinized.